Lessons Beyond the Shutter

What a difference 2 years make…….




Two years ago I began my journey into the next phase of my life.  I have had many phases in this life, Wife, Mother, Supervisor, International Powerlifter, Firefighter/Paramedic, Student, Massage Therapist, and countless jobs in between.  This phase, this phase was destined to be different.  This one reminded me every day to slow down, to really observe the world around me and to look at how I relate to the world.


Yesterday I completed one of the most insightful two years.  I have learned many things about myself, about photography, and well about the world around me. For the past two years, I have been in pursuit of three focused goals with several large ones being the desired end. The three focused goals were puzzle pieces for the larger goals. Little did I know all the lessons that would be included within these goals.


A few of those lessons have been hard to learn, while others have been hard to watch. I have learned that human beings all have the same basic needs, wants and desires; Love, respect, and happiness. From the person who seemingly has it all down to the person standing on the corner looking for a way to obtain their next meal. I have learned that sometimes the person on the corner has more than the one we thought has it all.  


I have learned that the camera lens can teach me much about the world around me, but it has also taught me more than I ever thought it could about myself.  I have learned to trust myself, to express myself visually, verbally and in written form.  This has been a huge one. The lens has taught me that I have a greater capacity to create than I ever dreamed was possible. This creating capacity extends well beyond the lens and the work. It extends into every part of life.

Learning new things, observing my world and how we react within and with it. These are things I plan on continuing to do. These are the things that help me to thrive, to move forward in life. These are what have me Thriving Creatively!


I truly am Thriving Creatively…..won’t you join me?

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