It’s 8:00 am, and your alarm just went off. You have awoken with a vivid vision. A vision that moves you and refuses to be forgotten.

When this happens to me, I know what I have to do! First, I try to make a note in a journal every detail I can remember. From how the lighting, weather, my emotions, colors and anything that stood out to me.

Sometimes these visions are of areas, times of day, landscapes, of what I need to do with images I have already captured. Others they are fresh and new. They are concepts, scenes that I am still to define, design and explore.

It is essential to keep a journal of these visions, as sometimes it may be weeks, months or even years before you work out all of the details necessary to bring the image to life. For me, the image may take on several different versions before a final workable version becomes apparent.

Once I have a version down, either on paper or in my head (this is not the best place to keep them), it is time to start looking for the elements that will bring it to life. The background or building, the chair, perfect outfit and person to play the part. The search for all of these things can be time-consuming and frustrating. Take your time with this or be willing to shift the vision to something different.

For me, these visions can haunt me until I capture them with my lens. And then when I finally do, often there is a lesson learned for me. Something in life or about the world becomes apparent to me and then brings peace to my soul in some form.

Hopefully, this will help you create your visions or allow you to explain to me what it is so we can build it together!

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