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Time, Time…oh Wonderful Time

Time..Time… oh Wonderful Time

Time, the great equalizer, the one thing that we all get the same amount of every day and year.  It is also the one thing we are never sure how much we have!  We all assume that we will have 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes or 31,536,000 seconds in the next year.  But none of us truly know how much time we have left, none of us.  Not the millionaire, the celebrity, the homeless guy on the corner.  We all, and with good reason, operate on the notion that we have another day, another year or ten.


Recently I did a photo shoot themed around time.  The person who was kind enough to come be my subject is a writer by trade, Joe Rutland, and I began to think about how images and words tend to stand through time.  We read the words of many great writers throughout the times and gaze upon works of art that are centuries old.  These works are preserved in print, on canvas, in stone or printed on a physical medium.  What does that mean for today’s digital society?  How will we be remembered as technology outpaces our abilities to keep up?


I love that I can share my work virtually with so many, both around me and those far away.  But will my work stand the test of time? Or will it be forgotten because I did not leave it on a physical medium? Will the digital 1’s and 0’s still be readable after I am gone…..because I know the sand in the time glass is moving much quicker for me now.  


We have an amazing world today.  One that changes at a speed that is so fast. Much like the time of the Wild West, we are in a new frontier that still is unfolding.  Until it is done, I will be working on preserving my work, my heritage so that my children’s, children, children will know who I was and what my life meant.  


How will you pass down your legacy?


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