Reflect, Renew, Revise…..


The holidays are upon us, and I like so many others in the world begin to reflect on the years of the past and those yet to come, to reflect on where we are in life, what we have accomplished, where we are going and How we dream of our life unfolding.

We metaphorically turn inward in thoughts, quietly judging ourselves, our world and those around us.

The world seemingly does the same this time of year, as nature hibernates, plants go underground waiting for springs warmth to signal it is time to grow and shine anew again.

While we can not completely shut down to renew ourselves, we can take a healthy look at life, at what we want and where we want to be. To revise our life’s plan, our mission, and purpose.

For me, December is a milestone, the marker of a turning point in my path. A point in time where I was forced to exit the highway I was on and look at the side roads, the backroad that was scary and full of twists and turns.

You see it was nine years ago this month that I began my Journey with Cancer….. tests, surgery, treatment plans, the fear and thoughts of just surviving what was ahead.

At some point along that road was a fork, one direction was the Survival trail, the other was the Thriving path. I chose to travel down the Thriving path.

I decided I want so much more from life than to just Survive. Yes, surviving Cancer was a goal, an important one, but to me, Life is so much more than just going through the motions. It is more than getting up every day and say yes I am still here.

Each day is a chance to say YES I AM STILL HERE, WHAT CAN I DO TODAY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? How can I be the change? For myself and others.

For me, finding my creativity has made a huge difference. It has permitted me to be myself, to express who I am in ways that I never dreamed possible.

When was the last time you permitted yourself to be? To express yourself, uncensored? To write, draw, paint…. to just sit with yourself in quiet and think about LIFE?

Are you on the journey, that path, with Cancer? Have you permitted yourself to feel? To truly feel every emotion that you are having? You know, anger, disappointment, sadness, all of the ugliness that comes with the Disease of Cancer. Or are you doing as I did, Hiding them all? Afraid of being a burden, disappointment or any of the other adjectives that come to your mind.

I heard over and over again, how much of inspiration I was! Hell, I just wanted to get through the day, to move past this “thing” and get back to my life.

Yeah, I thought I was gonna just waltz right back into the life I had before diagnosis……

Like that could even happen. Like I could not be changed forever by the process that was kicked into motion that October. Not sure how much more naive I could have been. Nor how much less prepared I could have been for what was about to be.

But I found my way, my way to Thriving, my way to a life that has meaning for me, that has a purpose!

Are you looking for that road? Are you ready to find that path?


Turning point


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