Never too Old

Never too Old…

A few months ago I was out shooting with a good photography friend in the downtown Austin, Tx area.  We began the day at Umlauf Sculpture Garden discussing light and shadows.  Umlauf is the perfect place for that conversation as the models never move and the light is often very difficult and harsh.  After a few hours of discussion, we decided to head toward the downtown area in search of a subject that would capture the essence of future pulling the past into the present.    

We decided to start our journey on the main “drag” next to the University of Texas.  This stretch of road normally is filled with College students and visitors to the campus. As we began our walk, we took notice of several individuals that appeared to “fill” our creative goal in one way or another, but nothing was compelling enough to make us stop and take notice yet.  Nothing really got our emotions stirred to make a story filled image.  So we continued.  

About half way up the block, across from the Student Center on the UT campus, in front of a little coffee shop we came upon the scene that truly had both of us stop and take notice.  We watched as an older gentleman, around age 65, and a young man, somewhere around 25 sat at a table outside with books between them.  One was teaching the other.  It WAS the future working generation teaching the older generation, in the present.  We stood in awe, unable and unwilling to disturb them we continued our journey up the road in search for something that would feel much the same. We made it to the end of campus, finding nothing.  We turned and continued down the road in the direction we had come, both of us hoping that the two would still be there in front of the little coffee shop.  

We were in luck, sort of.  When we arrived back to their location, they were both still very deep in concentration and conversation.  So we decided to go inside, get a drink and wait.  Wait we did.  After about 45 minutes of conversation, we were ready to give up and be thankful for the good conversation and friendship shared.  It was then the two got up and started walking the other direction from us.  Thinking it was not to be, we turned and headed our way back to the car. It was then I noticed that the older gentleman was across the street, alone.  Better to chat and capture one, than none we thought.  So across the street, we went.

This is when I meet a most intriguing soul, David.  David was kind and generous, allowing us time to capture images and sharing his story.  You see David is a 65 ish-year-old man who has nothing but also has everything.  He was being tutored in math, algebra to be exact so that he can take his GED.  Why, why would he want to get his GED?  I asked the same question.  So he can write a book.  A book about the human life.   

You see it is never too old to dream, to reach for goals or the stars.  We are never too old to create, as creating is what we are here to do.  Thanks to my friends for the reminders.  What do you want to create?  What is holding you back?

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