About the Artist

We begin this life with visual stimulation helping to mold who we are and our understanding of the world that surrounds us.  As we go through life, we collect these visual images as memories.  These memories are often the last thing we have to hold onto in our last days.  It is the exploration of memories, either actual or constructed, and the emotions that are attached to them that brings shape and definition to my work.  It is my intent to spark memories within the viewer, in effect to instill a memory, that pulls emotions associated with it.

As an artist, I feel it is my responsibility to bring all the elements together to a place of feeling, a piece that brings the viewer, a feeling of exploring and wonderment.  I believe that at the core of every person even though we don’t share precisely similar experiences our memories are strikingly similar.  Sometimes those memories are only images.  Studies have shown that people remember events differently when shown images that are not completely factually true; in effect a false memory.

Images, much like scents, can fool the brain into a memory that you might not have been truly experienced.  Likewise, studies have shown that we often do not store true memories when we know an image has been captured of the event.  It is almost like our brains say, no need to store that information, it has been stored a different way.  

My background in life is varied and runs from a very mellow Zen massage therapist to having been an adrenaline chasing firefighter.  These experiences show in my different styles of work.  I enjoy making images that are soothing and relaxing, but also enjoy the images that may take you back, make you think or take your breath away.    So sit back, browse and enjoy the different styles and sides of my artistic visions!


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