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Nov 19

Time, Time…oh Wonderful Time

By Malinda | Art

Time..Time… oh Wonderful Time Time, the great equalizer, the one thing that we all get the same amount of every day and year.  It is also the one thing we are never sure how much we have!  We all assume that we will have 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes or 31,536,000 seconds in the […]

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Oct 16

Nature’s Innocence

By Malinda | Art

Nature is defined as the natural, physical or material world and universe.  Innocence, for this purpose, is referring to the virginity or purity of something. We all enter this world innocent, naive and full of possibilities.  It is nature’s way of moving forward, of endless new potential.  The innocence of nature can be found in […]

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Aug 14

Slowing Down

By Malinda | The Journey to Thriving

Today’s lives are busier than ever.  We hustle, filling each day, hour, and minute with as much as possible. Attempting to cheat death at its own game. Then it happens… you know IT.  The “IT”  can be anything ~ illness, a death of a loved one, some sort of emergency, something that forces you to […]

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