Where Creativity Brings You Life…


Creativity and art have been in the works for my whole life.

I just did not know it.

Helping other living beings, in one fashion or another, seems to be part of my DNA, my general make-up.
It has always been my goal to make a difference.
To make life better for someone or some living thing.

Now I chose with to do so through art, to make a deeper impact.
To make others aware.
To bring meaning and feelings to others through Art and Imagery.

To move you into action is the goal of my Imagery.
Won’t you come along with me on this Journey of Thriving?…
I want to make you think…


Something powerful for the other beings on the planet.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” – Albert Einstein



And if, just maybe… if I do a good job, I will inspire in you the awareness that WE, as humanity, can make a difference one person, one animal, one image at a time.


Ready to come along with me?…

I would love to keep you informed of my current projects and share with you an image for you to use as a screen saver each month.  Just sign up below to be added to the VIP ~ Virtual Image Party Space =)